I'm single and do not know the number of years ago, but finally, due to the reality of forced and the advice of the baby-related online friends, I made the decision to purchase a real doll made of silicone. While it's the first time I've purchased and I checked several things prior to buying and in the doll's online catalog to find out about fraud prevention information, and purchase of a physical silicone doll notes. Finally, I purchased a 165cm Pu chest doll. The manufacturer does not state, not to make any announcements.

This doll is an ordinary Skeleton, and the cost of over 5000 for me, has been extremely expensive! Never played before, but I do know it's an entity doll made of TPE and all silicone dolls I could pay for to not play with!

I purchased this real life sex doll and it is still pretty gorgeous, truly gorgeous and very sexually attractive, eyes particularly sexy. I didn't take my friends' advice to purchase a larger chest, however I believe the Pu chest is very large. The doll's head is stunning regardless of what hairstyle or outfit. beautiful.

I'd like to add that the purchase of physical dolls does not satisfy, it could be due to the weight or inexperienced considering the 165cm size better, but didn't consider the weight issue. 70 pounds, which is increasing every day is quite tiring. After a long and comfortable night in bed, the procedure of using is efficient, and the application of experience is great, to be able to make the right decision and not feel tired, right prior to moving, and then tidy up a bit tired.

I also had the first day with this doll, and holding her for in a moment that I actually tried to push to the side, and it was quite embarrassing.

The next thing to say is that this doll uses feelings

One, due to the fact that TPE is a material The smell is present however, it is not too strong The first time is more noticeable however after a few days you'll not notice, the overall feeling will be better or more pleasant at the end of the day the price was extremely good value and also the bike!

The second benefit is the The TPE-based material. This silicone doll is extremely soft and silky smooth The phone feels very excellent, as you get closer to it, more it is impossible to remove the hand.

Thirdly The experience was good. Repurchase the first couple of days when I did not engage interact with the doll's entity in real combat, and lovemaking isn't fast. After a few days, I just can't resist it, as I will be a sight to her, actually, too appealing, at night, I put this silicone doll in my bed and tried various ways of holding her, it was small inside, but encased in a very comfortable feel extremely wonderful and brings me lots of joy regardless of whether it's either physical or spiritual.

Sharing experiences

In actual fact, I cannot not provide a specific experience you have, which is the excitement of the silicone doll's body. must keep a pleasant environment, prepare some music movies and pose the doll's physical form to be attentive to gentleness, and do not hurt the doll. the need to use a condom for cleaning up, so it is much simpler; the most important thing is the weight requirement should be taken into consideration!

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