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Solid dolls are created in line with the ratio 1:1 for teenager girls. They can be substituted for real girls to satisfy the urge for orgasm. Solid dolls are more comfortable and more flexible, with skin is similar to real teenage girls. They are easy to transport and clean and use freq...

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I'm single and do not know the number of years ago, but finally, due to the reality of forced and the advice of the baby-related online friends, I made the decision to purchase a real doll made of silicone. While it's the first time I've purchased and I checked several things prior to buying...

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The main characteristic of the doll is its realistic appearance. Not only does it appear real, but it quite similar in weight to a real person, which means that it is important to take into consideration an aspect when buying the doll that is the weight! It is the real princes' hug is 80 pounds ...

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